Partner with Circular360

Circular360 – The Global Centre of Excellence in Circular Economy is a partner-led organisation. We work with you to co-design circular economy programs that leverage international collaboration and funding opportunities.

Join us as we build a robust collaborative platform that brings together and leverages our collective intellectual and financial capital for the benefit of our communities, environment and economy.

Ways to engage with Circular360

We invite organisations to partner with us on the following areas which are necessary for our economic, social and environmental transition to the Circular Economy.

Education and capacity building

Developing sector-specific accredited training, mentoring and leadership

Advocacy and policy

Working with governments and stakeholders to test reforms, policies and regulation

Pilot projects

Delivering initiatives to achieve practical and scalable outcomes

Tertiary Education

Establishing accredited courses on the circular economy

Community awareness

Delivering programs to increase awareness of circular economy principles

Global Networking

A platform for partners to share their vision, leadership and achievements

Commercialisation Accelerator

Speeding up market adoption of circular economy systems, process and technologies

Knowledge Hub

Creating a powerful alliance of international experts

Partnership benefits

By partnering with us, your organisation can:

  • Play a leadership role
    in the adoption of circular economy principles on the global stage.
  • Become part of a vibrant international ecosystem
    of experts, academics, funding institutions, training providers government bodies, community organisations and others to help you make your initiatives a reality.
  • Influence policy reform
    by adding your voice to national and international policy initiatives.
  • Leverage our international partnerships with influential organisations
    like the World Bank and the UN.
  • Collaborate
    on major funding proposals and large projects.
  • Access vital knowledge
    about new international research, policy developments, trends and emerging technologies, and learn from the successes of leading lights around the world who are spearheading innovative new ideas in this field.
  • Access and provide funding via international markets
    for technology providers, companies, and experts.
  • Access training and capacity building programs,
    events and workshops including the Global Leadership Program.
  • Build and promote your green credentials
    and receive international recognition for innovative solutions, achievements and research by promoting your work on our global showcase platform.
  • Participate in research and development partnerships with academic and research organisations around the world. This may include undertaking joint research, developing prototypes or undertaking low-cost, low-risk proof-of-concept studies for rapid commercialisation.

Partnership categories

The Global Centre of Excellence specialises in co-designing projects and partnering with organisations and individuals from diverse sectors to achieve scalability, visibility and impact in regards to circular economy initiatives.

We welcome representatives from the following sectors:


Find out more about partnership opportunities
Read our prospectus to learn more about Circular360, Circular Economy principles and partnership opportunities.